engaging youth to Reform discriminatory laws

‘Activate Your Power’ 
Engaging Commonwealth Youth to Reform Discriminatory Laws The Royal Commonwealth Society’s Youth Engagement Guide Launch
As part of the Equality & Justice Alliance, in partnership with Equality Bahamas, we were delighted to officially launch Activate Your Power: Engaging Youth to Reform Discriminatory Laws – a guide for Commonwealth Leaders. Youth – 60% of the Commonwealth – are actively working to shape the future they will inherit. This guide consists of the recommendations of young people from across the Commonwealth on how Commonwealth leaders – be they Prime Ministers, parliamentarians, policymakers, or community and faith leaders – can achieve better laws by more meaningfully engaging youth in advocacy and legal reform processes. Speaking at the launch to an audience of parliamentarians, the guide’s authority Alicia Wallace of Equality Bahamas said: “Young people are not passive inheritors but architects of our own future…the future we build must be fit for purpose.” You can download a copy of the report here.

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